Monday, March 8, 2010

Foursquare is an increasingly popular location-based social network that is based on a game-like premise. Players use smart phones or laptops to "check in" to a location, recording their position on a map for friends using the service to see. The more often you check in, the better your chances of being declared the mayor of a particular location, be it a restaurant, bar, office or even your own home. Fourquare updates can be connected to twitter and facebook, keeping the world up to date about your progress.

Is this a good idea? No, and the new site shows exactly why. The site is a simple stream of Foursquare updates posted on twitter.

Please Rob Me consists exclusively of an aggregation of public Twitter messages that have been pushed through fast-growing location-based networking site Foursquare, one of a handful of services that encourages people to share their whereabouts with their friends. You can filter by geographic location, too.

You wouldn’t post a sign for all the world to see advertising the fact that you are not home. But people who connect Foursquare to publicly viewable sites like twitter not only let the world know that they are not home, but how far away they are.

Security is not just about installing alarms, locks or guard dogs. Its about exercising common sense. Be secure online and in the real world and keep your whereabouts private.